General terms and conditions


Hotel Ambasador, hereinafter referred to as the Hotel, markets and sells hotel services according to the published information, description, schedule, and valid price list, and in accordance with the confirmed reservation/concluded contract, in its own name and for its own account. An agency or a tour operator can appear as the customer of the service for the end user, and the provisions of the general terms and conditions apply to them as intermediaries as well. By sending a reservation request, you confirm that you agree with the hotel`s General Terms and Conditions, and the same becomes a legal obligation. When providing services, the hotel applies the rules prescribed by house rules, hotel and hospitality regulations, and in accordance with the valid positive legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.


  • After you send the initial request for accommodation, you are considered a prospective user of the accommodation service. All records are kept under the name of the first named person (if physical, then first and last name, and if legal, then the company name) and is considered to be the Holder of the reservation.
  • The Holder of the reservation (if a natural person) must be over 18 years old and authorized by the other person named to make the reservation on behalf of all persons mentioned in the inquiry. By filling out and sending the reservation request, the reservation Holder confirms that he/she is authorized to make the reservation on behalf of everyone and that others agree with it, and that they are also bound by the reservation conditions. When making a reservation, the Holder of the reservation is obliged to provide all the information required by the reservation procedure.
  • An inquiry for booking accommodation is considered to be an open inquiry forwarded to the hotel by any means of communication in written form (website, letter, e-mail, etc.). On the basis of an open inquiry, the hotel will make a pre-booking and will provide the Holder of the reservation in writing with the amount of the cost of the reserved service and the terms of business. The Holder of the reservation is responsible for fulfilling all business conditions specified in the pre-reservation, which primarily refers to the payment of a deposit to cover the costs of the reserved services.
  • The reservation of accommodation for the corresponding period is valid (comes into force) only after written confirmation by the hotel and receipt of the deposit specified in the specific offer, and with the confirmation of the reservation sent by the hotel. When the reservation is made electronically, it is valid with credit card authorization. Reservation confirmations prepared in this way are considered temporary until the deposit is due, unless otherwise indicated in the offer, and if a copy of the deposit is not delivered to the hotel within the specified time period, or the credit card number for authorization is not provided, the offer is automatically considered as an expired option.
  • The Holder of the reservation is responsible for all payments (deposit and balance). The Holder of the reservation is obliged to settle the balance of the bill (the difference between the paid deposit and the total cost of the reserved services) no later than on the last day of their stay in the hotel with a mandatory credit card authorization of deposit payment.
  • At the hotel reception one-time payment is possible with credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Union Pay, Diners Club/Discover, Amex), debit cards (Maesto, VPay, Visa) and cash (EUR).
  • By fulfilling the conditions specified in the pre-reservation, you accept the General Terms and Conditions of the hotel, and the above represents a formal legal conclusion of the contract. The contract will be considered formally and legally concluded without payment of a deposit and delivery of credit card elements for guarantee if the person making the reservation received written approval from the hotel after the inquiry and then only confirmed the reservation in writing for himself or on his behalf for others. In a formal and legal sense, the Holder of the reservation is always responsible and cannot transfer his responsibility to the persons from whom he made the reservation.
  • Reservations are not accepted from persons under the age of 18. In these cases, we reserve the right to refuse to process a reservation request without giving any reason. The hotel reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or change the reservation if the reservation system has been misused or f it was made by the user`s mistake.
  • Late chech-out is possible only with prior confirmation from the reception and with an additional charge:

-surcharge for late departure (12-6 p.m.): 50% of the price of one night per room

-surcharge for late departure (from 6 p.m. onwards): 100% of the price of one night per room


Notes related to the reservation process:

  • Please note that persons aged 12 and over are considered adults and charged full price. When booking accommodation, you are obliged to add children older than the above to adults
  • If you wish to change or cancel a reservation, you can make changes in accordance with the Reservation Cancellation Terms
  • The hotel will prepare an extra bed only if a minimum of 3 paying persons are specified by full name during the reservation process and if these persons are specified during the price calculation, with the prior condition that the selected room type can accommodate 3 persons
  • The hotel reserved the right to refuse, cancel or change the reservation if the reservation system has been misused or f it was made by an obvious mistake of the user



  • The arrangement of accommodation units is determined by the reception. If the guest has not expressly agreed on a room with special features, he will accept the assigned officially registered accommodation unit.


  • Registration at the hotel and entering the room (“check-in“) is possible after 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.
  • Check-out from the hotel and leaving the room (“check-out“) is possible until 12:00 a.m. on the day of departure.
  • We hold the reservation until midnight on the day of arrival.
  • The hotel reserves the right to deny accommodation and other services to those guests whose behavior is in any way inconsistent with the hotel`s house rules, which disturbs the peace and dignity of other guests or staff, or which endangers their safety or well-being.
  • The hotel does not accept persons under the age of 18 unaccompanied by an adult.
  • The management reserves the right to close SPA or their individual parts (outside pool, fitness, saunas, etc.) in case of necessary repairs and necessary maintenance or seasonal closure during the winter period.
  • Given the existing differences within the same types of rooms, the listed photos are only illustrative and informative in nature and may not correspond to the actual room booked.



  • Tourist tax is not included in the stated accommodation prices but is calculated on the spot.
  • The decision on the amount of residence tax is determined by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
  • Children up to the age of 11.99 do not pay the residence tax, while children from 12 to 17.99 have a 50% discount.
  • Residence tax is expressed in EUR. The amount of the paid residence tax is clearly indicated on the invoice that is issued to the user when calculating and paying for the service.




  • The price of the service represents the amount per person/day or per room/day as indicated in the service price list. Additional services are not included in the price and the user pays for them additionally. The hotel reserves the right to change service prices at any time.
  • For users who have paid a deposit or provided an acceptable reservation guarantee, the Hotel guarantees the prices that were in effect when the reservation was made. For stays without a reservation, the prices and conditions apply according to the valid price list at the reception.
  • Promotional packages/promotions cannot be combined with each other.
  • Service prices include VAT.






  • The offered accommodation and other capacities are described according to the official categorization of the Republic of Croatia. The hotel does not assume responsibility for oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of the services and the facility itself in the published programs, and which was obtained by a third party. The hotel is not responsible in case of incorrect data provided by business partners.



  • In case the guest wants to change or cancel the reservation made according to his request, he must do so in writing (by e-mail, or mail).
  • If it is not possible to change the reservation, and if the guest cancels the confirmed reservation for this reason, depending on the date of receipt of the cancellation notice at the hotel, the following cancellation conditions apply.


Terms of cancellation of reservations at regular prices:

- the reservation is held until 6am CET on the day of arrival.


1.1.-31.3./1.11.-31.12. For all reservations canceled up to 3 days before arrival (until 10 am CET), there is no cancellation charge. For all reservations canceled within 3 days of the arrival date, the full amount of the first overnight stay will be charged.


1.4.-14.6./16.9.-30.10. For all reservations canceled up to 5 days before arrival (until 10 am CET) there is no cancellation charge. For all reservations canceled within 5 days of the arrival date, the full amount of the first overnight stay will be charged.


15.6.-15.9. For all reservations canceled up to 7 days before arrival (until 10 am CET)there is no cancellation charge. For all reservations canceled within 7 days of the arrival date, the full amount of the first overnight stay will be charged.


- cancellation of reservations after check-in at the hotel (shortening of stay compared to the original reservation): The hotel charges a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the value of the remaining reserved and unused days.

Conditions for canceling reservations at special prices with non-refundable payment (Prepaid Non-Refundable):

- The reservation is kept until 6pm on the day of arrival

-After making the reservation, the Hotel will charge the guest the full (100%) amount of the reservation

-The hotel retains the entire advance payment

- If the guest decides to leave the hotel before the end of the reserved period, the hotel has no obligation to refund the amount charged

  • In any case, cancellation is accepted only from the Holder of the reservation
  • If the guest does not arrive at the reserved accommodation unit within 24 hours on the day of the start of the service and has not previously notified the Hotel, the reservation is considered canceled, so cancellation costs are calculated according to the above-mentioned costs, the Hotel reserves the right to collect the actual costs
  • The guest must provide valid credit card information that will be debited by the Hotel for the stated purposes. In case the credit card information is incorrect, the Hotel will inform the guest and cancel the reservation.



  • The hotel reserves the right to change the reservation or the way of providing services at any time if circumstances arise that are beyond our control, and that cannot be predicted, avoided, or postponed.
  • The confirmed accommodation unit can be replaced by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category while maintaining the same price that was valid at the time of confirmation of the reservation and timely informing the guest about the change.
  • In cases where it is not possible to find alternative accommodation, and the reservation has been paid in advance, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the entire amount paid.


  • The service user is obliged to have valid personal documentation required when arriving and leaving the Hotel, comply with customs and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and comply with the house rules and instructions of the hotel staff.
  • Before arrival, the user of the service is obliged to check the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and the country he is coming from the Hotel` and to check whether any additional travel document is required for his entry and stay in the Republic of Croatia.
  • The guest is obliged to keep the property, as well as all furniture, decorations, equipment, and environment in the same state and conditions as they were at the beginning of using the service. He is responsible for any type of damage and is obliged to compensate the hotel for the same.


  • The Hotel`s obligation is to take care of the quality of the service provided, in accordance with legal regulations, rules of the profession, and generally accepted norms and customs in the tourism and hospitality industry. The hotel will endeavor to fulfill its obligations in full unless there are circumstances beyond our control.


  • Payment of additional services is by agreement or valid price list. The hotel does not assume responsibility for services provided through other service providers. If the guest wants to use additional services, they must be notified in advance at the reception.


  • To organize an event (birthday party, wedding, cocktail party, dinner, etc.), it is necessary to contact the Hotel in advance and agree on all conditions. An additional cost determined by the Hotel is also possible in this connection.



  • The hotel is not responsible for damaged, destroyed, or lost luggage, as well as for its theft.
  • You leave any valuables in the hotel room at your own risk.
  • The hotel bears no responsibility for the loss of the same if they were not registered and stored in the safe (available in every room).
  • The loss or theft of things is reported to the hotel reception and the competent police department.


  • The hotel bears no responsibility in case of death, illness, or injury of anyone in the hotel, outside the coverage of the personal insurance policy as a result of an accident, if the harmful event was not caused by gross negligence on the part of the hotel or its staff.
  • The hotel is not responsible for loss, interruption, or delay due to any cause beyond our control including but not limited to force majeure, explosion, storm, fire or accident, war or threat of war, civil disorder, restrictions, local laws, or any measures by state or local authorities, strikes, lockouts or other industrial action or disruption.
  • In cases of exemption from the obligation to perform, the hotel's liability is limited only to the refund of the amount paid to use in connection with the reservation.
  • The hotel is not responsible for complaints arising from the failure of mechanical and other equipment in the accommodation; e.g., heat pumps, boilers, etc., nor for interrupting utility services (electricity, water, gas, etc.).
  • The hotel is not responsible for noise or disturbance that occurs outside the boundaries of the hotel property or that is beyond the control of the hotel staff.
  • The hotel is not responsible for events beyond our control, such as bad weather, delays of other carriers, breakdown of household appliances, injuries caused by improper use of equipment, and non-compliance with instructions, even if the damage is intentionally caused by users of the hotel`s services.


  • It is in the interest of the guest to try to solve his complaint immediately at the destination. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the hotel staff in good faith to eliminate the causes of the complaint. If there is no improvement even after a complaint, the guest must ask for a confirmation that shows that the service was not provided, or that it was not provided in the manner agreed upon. The guest must attach the confirmation to the written complaint.
  • The guest must file a written complaint within 8 days after using the service. If the guest submits a written complaint after that deadline, the Hotel is not obliged to take such complaint into account. The hotel will resolve only those complaints that could not be resolved on the spot.
  • Pursuant to Art. 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, complaints about the purchased product or the service provided must be submitted in writing to the address: RETOI d.o.o., Hotel Ambasador, Trumbićeva obala 18, 21000 Split, Croatia or electronically to the address with the name and surname, and the contact for the delivery of the answer.
  • The hotel delivers the response to the complaint in written form no later than 15 days from the day of receipt of the complaint, to the address that the guest left as a contract, or to the address from which the complaint was received.
  • While the resolution process continues, the guest irrevocably renounces mediation by any other person, arbitration by any other institution, as well as providing information to the media. Likewise, during this time, the guest waives the right to sue. The maximum amount of compensation per complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the services, and it cannot include already used services or the entire amount of the arrangement.


  • All possible disputes or disagreements will be resolved peacefully and by agreement in a manner acceptable to both parties.
  • If a solution cannot be reached, they contract the local jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Split.