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Take your time, Hotel Ambasador awaits.

Located in the heart of Split on the West Coast promenade, Hotel Ambasador is a luxurious hotel overlooking the Adriatic Sea, set to the backdrop of Marjan hill with the bustling Riva promenade nearby. Where modern sophistication meets Mediterranean simplicity, Hotel Ambasador awaits.

About Us

Services & Amenities

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Thumb 97d37bea cbf4 4ac7 8867 3235f76743d5 Hacelia spa
Thumb 4aa5cb07 508a 4a4e 98d3 85141ba079e9 Multipurpose room
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Thumb 5bad4359 d442 43fa 842e f27af9451838 Free Wi-Fi
Thumb c0fdadde 3ce3 4c79 a21e aa800aee1db7 Parking
Thumb a0b40f5b e1ba 455a 91b9 9df900f871c5 Wheelchair access
Thumb c1dd0cd6 3dd1 43f8 9248 6e11ac449c7d Outside pool
Thumb d4f79549 aac6 4a92 b428 f22f6d920f2e Air conditioning
Thumb 49a2fa7f 0b46 4ce7 a3f8 a9137c0b58b2 Laundry service
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Rooms & Suites

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Ambasador suite
  • Superior
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      Perfect choice for a cozy and sophisticated stay. 

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      Enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony with an authentic view of the sea or the old town.

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      Ambasador suite

      A true meaning of Mediterranean hedonism.

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      Leave your everyday life behind and find superior serenity.

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    • Dining

      Restaurant Méditerranée

      Restaurant Méditerranée pays homage to Mediterranean cuisine and local flavors, bringing the culinary traditions of Dalmatia into a new era. Whether you want the Adriatic catch of the day, premium meat delicacies, or a taste of the region, your Restaurant Méditerranée dining experience promises an adventure through Dalmatia, enhanced by an extensive wine list and creative desserts. 

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    • Dining

      Bar Split

      Have a cup of coffee in the mornings, spend the afternoons sipping cocktails, and round off your days with a glass of wine. Whether you are a local or a guest of the hotel, Bar Split brings people together with artfully crafted hot and cold beverages.

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    • DINING

      Pool bar

      Take a break from swimming and freshen up with a variety of flavorful smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and lush cocktails depending on the time of the day.

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    • DINING


      Lovely views wherever you look and being high above the town's hustle and bustle are just a few of the elements that will sweep you off your feet once you step into our rooftop terrace. With delicious food and exquisite wines combined with a salty breeze caressing your skin, you can enjoy a perfect night in Split for your private events on request.

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    Treat yourself at Hacelia Spa

    Let your mind run free at our Haciela oasis. Our peaceful relaxation area is an escape from reality, allowing you to unwind with a selection of massage treatments or the innovative Nuvola dry floatation bed. Our Beauty treatment room is a self-care sanctuary, while our fully-equipped Fitness area serves best to boost your endorphins. 

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    Our Experiences

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    Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle

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    Self-care time

    Take your time

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    Private dinner

    Dine on the rooftop!


    Choose us for your next meeting or event

    Meet your business goals in our conference area. Our multipurpose conference room can accommodate your next business event, whether you’re planning small gatherings, workshops, parties, or seminars. This versatile space offers natural light and several settings to suit your needs. Consider your business deal signed, sealed, and delivered. 

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