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The city of Split is located in the heart of Dalmatia, in a location rich in cultural sights, natural beauty and a pleasant climate.

This pearl of unique Mediterranean beauty is known for its warm and hospitable people who cherish the town's treasure chest of rich traditions. You can experience the unique rhythm of life in a city located on a peninsula surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Marjan Hill by exploring the excellently preserved palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Diocletian's Palace is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. The emperor's palace was built as a combination of a luxury villa and a Roman military camp, divided into four parts with two main streets and four gates. Over the centuries, the residents of the palace, and later the citizens of Split, adapted parts of the palace for their needs, but the outlines of the Imperial Palace are still very visible today.

Located in the very heart of Diocletian's Palace, the Cathedral of Saint Dujma is a Catholic church complex created from a Roman imperial mausoleum, with a Renaissance bell tower dating from the 12th century. The cathedral is considered to be the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world that has remained in use in its original structure, without almost complete renovation later. If you head south from Sveti Dujam, you will pass through the cellars that lead to the magnificent Riva. It is a meeting place for the people of Split who walk along it or enjoy it on the terraces of cafes and restaurants. The waterfront is the stage of Split's city life, the scene of numerous cultural and entertainment events, the Split Carnival, the feast of St. Duja, as well as the stage where Split athletes meet after countless successes. Split is a city known for its many successful athletes who have won numerous medals at the Olympic Games. Olympic medalists who were born in Split or were members of various clubs in Split have their plaque on the West Coast. If you take a walk from the Riva towards the ACI marina, you will witness some of the most beautiful and famous stories of Croatian and world sports.

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The Split market, located east of Diocletian's Palace, offers the opportunity to experience the dynamics of the local population with all your senses. The tradition of buying fresh and homemade food is part of the identity of the city of Split. What makes the Split market worth visiting are the temperaments of the people of Split, which represent the spirit of the city. You can always find fresh fish and seafood at Peškarija, which is located near the city's main street, Marmontova. Local fishermen invite passers-by to buy, and the seagulls remind them with their flight to leave a part of the catch for them.

Fresh air and Mediterranean vegetation are what bring visitors to explore the slopes of the Marjan hill, better known as the "lungs of the city". Located west of the old city center, this 178 m high forest park is connected to the city center, so it is easily accessible for visiting. On the eastern slopes of the Marjan hill is the First Lookout, the most famous lookout with a beautiful view of the city, mountains and nearby islands.

The people of Split are one of the main attractions of the city, recognizable by their casual attitude towards everyday life. A bit is the word that best describes the state of mind in Split and symbolizes a relaxed approach to life. Their Mediterranean temperament and loud speech fill the historically enriched streets of the old town. You will most likely find locals on the terraces of cafes enjoying the beauty of the city and the easy rhythm of life without any stress.

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Ambasador nowadays

The newly built building on the site of the building from 1937, today the Hotel Ambasador, makes it a proud representative of Split's modern architecture with a carved cultural memory of the city.
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History of Hotel Ambasador

Ambasador is a memorable part of the city's cultural memory and was considered the backbone of Split's development as a tourist destination in its beginnings.
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A luxury 5-star hotel in the center of Split

The luxury hotel in Split is the perfect addition to an ideal stay in the city that bears the epithet of the flower of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean metropolis. The key ingredients of everything that can be imagined as a complete vacation and stay can be found at the address of hotel Ambasador, the best host of your vacation.
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