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Ambasador nowadays

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The newly built building on the site of the building from 1937, today the Hotel Ambasador, makes it a proud representative of Split's modern architecture with a carved cultural memory of the city.

The six-story hotel building with 101 accommodation units offers a luxurious and unique experience of the city with a view of Split and the harbor. At any moment, the guest can experience the spirit of the city and its inhabitants from their room in the hotel, which is connected to the Riva and the magnificent Diocletian's Palace by a newly renovated promenade.
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In addition to Restaurant Mediteranee and Bar Split, Hotel Ambasador contains a meeting room and a section for Hacelia and Spa. Inside the hotel is a conference hall with access to a private courtyard hidden from view. The outdoor swimming pool and lounge bar fill the terrace, which is located on the third floor and offers a unique view of the city, the harbor, the islands, and Marjan hill.

The view from the hotel opens to the blue Adriatic Sea and the islands of Brač, Šolta, Hvar, Vis, and Korčula, which protect the Split coast from strong waves. The hotel's location is right next to the nautical marina, making it an ideal starting point for numerous maritime activities. The blueness of the sea takes your breath away with every look and captivates you with its calming choreography that dictates the rhythm of the city. The dynamics of the sea can be experienced in all weather conditions, from stormy waves that add white shades to the surface of the sea, all the way to the dramatic southerly force that hits the rocks of the Split coast.

The building of the Ambasador Hotel is located in the unique social, cultural, and spatial context of the city of Split. Guests are in the middle of a complex and rich urban environment in which different historical layers and styles are intertwined, ranging from antiquity to the 20th and 21st centuries. All the beauties hidden in the old city center of Split together invite the guest to discover the city. On the one hand, it is surrounded by the protected Marjan Forest Park, which offers peace and tranquility filled with the enchanting scents of the evergreen forest, but at the same time invites you to take a walk along the West Coast, which is a favorite place for locals to hang out.

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Split and the whole of Dalmatia continue to nurture a special way of life that is best described by the word "slightly", i.e. slowly and without haste. Along with the life and vitality of the city, this is one of the most distinct features of the city under Marjan. By slowing down, we can recognize important moments in life, realize their beauty and be present in spirit in the moment. In this way, we fill our own lives with events and memories that remain forever in us. With our highly personalized service, natural interiors and extraordinary experiences of Split and its surroundings, we want you to capture the beauty of life and wake up to it. We create a feeling of simple and sophisticated luxury with highly personalized and relaxed service, authentic experiences, natural hotel interior and details, and a rich gastronomic offer. By combining these elements, we create a feeling of home away from home, a place where you can take time for yourself, relax and recharge your batteries. Leave the hotel and, like a well-informed insider, participate in the life of the city and discover its small and picturesque streets, filled with the joy and murmur of people. Welcome to Ambasador, to your new home, a haven of sophisticated simplicity where you can find peace of mind. Here we will reveal to you the true beauty of this city - the spirit of its people. We celebrate this proud spirit and its unhurried nature, a spirit that knows how to slow down, relax and enjoy life.

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Destination story

The city of Split is located in the heart of Dalmatia, in a location rich in cultural sights, natural beauty and a pleasant climate.
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History of Hotel Ambasador

Ambasador is a memorable part of the city's cultural memory and was considered the backbone of Split's development as a tourist destination in its beginnings.
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A luxury 5-star hotel in the center of Split

The luxury hotel in Split is the perfect addition to an ideal stay in the city that bears the epithet of the flower of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean metropolis. The key ingredients of everything that can be imagined as a complete vacation and stay can be found at the address of hotel Ambasador, the best host of your vacation.
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