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A luxury 5-star hotel in the center of Split


The luxury hotel in Split is the perfect addition to an ideal stay in the city that bears the epithet of the flower of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean metropolis. The key ingredients of everything that can be imagined as a complete vacation and stay can be found at the address of hotel Ambasador, the best host of your vacation.

Hotel Ambasador’s location perfectly encompasses all the most beautiful views; the sea and the promenade, the West coast, the old city center, and the green lungs of the city. Everything is within walking distance, and you can enjoy the beauty of this combination from your hotel room.

The hotel itself is a real combination of extraordinary architecture and modern decoration, as well as a combination of all services that will enhance your stay. Indispensable relaxation in the wellness facilities for the real retreat you deserve, but also the richness of flavors and colors of modern Mediterranean cuisine will complete every hour of your stay in this luxury hotel in the heart of Split.

Ambasador, a 5-star hotel in Split, is here to fulfill your expectations in the best possible way with quality and superior service and the unique experience that this luxury hotel in Split provides, regardless of whether you are looking at it from the inside or from the window of your room enjoying the view of the city that lies ahead. 

The location of the hotel is ideal for exploring the city and its charm on foot, which is a unique way to experience the city up close and be part of its lifeblood, feel its attractiveness and vibrancy, while being only a few minutes away from a drink at the most perfect rooftop bar in the city, relaxing massage or just resting on the bed from which you can still see the beautiful city.


Split Croatia is a destination that has a lot to offer, and this luxury hotel in Split is its true ambassador.


Luxury accommodation in Split 

The best way to experience Split is to become a part of its old town, and the location of the hotel Ambasador is ideal precisely because the hotel is located in the very center of Split, that is, at the point where the oldest part of Split and the seaside are meeting. In the manner of a true seaside resort, the hotel Ambasador offers a unique atmosphere created by the proximity of the sea, and only a short walk separates you from the 17-century-old city center and all the exciting stories it keeps between its walls, narrow streets, and stone palaces.

You will feel the connection between hotel Ambasador and the city, its stories and traditions already in the hotel itself, where modern and traditional meet in the most beautiful way and where everything a modern traveler needs are blended into a warm Mediterranean story that you can easily immerse yourself in.

The hotel was opened in 1937, so its story is inseparable from the story of the city. The very opening of the Ambasador gave the city something new and exciting and very quickly became a favorite meeting place of the residents of Split, as well as the first choice of guests who came to the city, and who even 5 decades ago would have felt love at first sight, but also enjoyed numerous, for that time, modern technologies.

And then, as it is today, hotel Ambasador boasted top-notch service and dedication to its guests, and that made it a favorite hotel in the center of Split for many years.

On that track, the hotel was renovated and reopened in 2022, maintaining its uniqueness, avant-garde solutions, and top-notch service at the hotel's unique location in the very center of Split.

The interior of the hotel is a place where modernity intertwines with the history of Split, and the hotel itself is a place where both locals and guests feel equally comfortable, enjoying the atmosphere where everyone is local, and everyone is as unique as the hotel they have chosen.

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5 star hotel in Split with unique rooms and view

Undoubtedly, the view from the bed of the hotel room is unique.

Exactly! As soon as you open your eyes, the most beautiful postcard of the city of Split is alive and moving in front of you, and your room becomes a unique viewpoint reserved only for you and your enjoyment of Diocletian's Palace, the waterfront and the sea. The location of the Ambasador Hotel in the city center is unique and exclusive, and so is the view that can be enjoyed. There is almost no better location in the city for perfect photos and videos of the city.

In addition, all rooms are equipped according to the highest standards and in accordance with modern technological trends. There are numerous facilities at your disposal that make the hotel room a modern corner for relaxation with everything you need, and the hotel staff and all services are always available to you via tablet and the hotel application.

Also, different types of rooms and suites are available to choose from. Depending on their size and content, they suit different types of travelers. Whether you are traveling with your partner, family, or friends or you are on a business trip, you will easily find the best one that suits your needs. There are also rooms adapted for people with mobility difficulties to make the stay simple and pleasant.

Hotel Ambasador has its garage, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your car, nor about wasting time on vacation looking for a free parking space.

And the search for the ideal accommodation in Split and a 5-star hotel in is really easy when you can find comfortable accommodation and the feeling of being in your own home, complemented by a unique view of Split, all in one place.


Wellnes in Split - retreat in Croatia 

Wellness in Split is certainly one of the best ways to add one more dimension to your stay in Split, for which both your body and spirit will thank you. Time for self-care is an important part of the hotel Ambasador  philosophy, and that is why wellness is indispensable.

A modern and fast-paced lifestyle puts a lot of stress on us and disrupts our work-life balance. Staying at the hotel Ambasador can be a real retreat in Croatia if you want to get rid of accumulated fatigue and completely relax in carefully designed treatments.

A sauna and various types of relaxing massages and carefree daydreaming in the spa relaxation area are at your disposal. The professional staff will be happy to help you choose the ideal treatment and combination of treatments for complete relaxation, and all you have to do is leave yourself in their hands.

Wellness in Split is the perfect opportunity to provide yourself with complete enjoyment and make full use of your time.

It's a great idea for a romantic retreat for two in Split or a getaway with a group of friends. You can treat yourself to some of the beauty treatments for a perfect experience.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that you will enjoy the feeling of carefree, perfect relaxation in safe hands and with quality products.

It is the perfect escape from reality and the perfect addition to the entire vacation.

For those with a sporty spirit, there is a modern gym where training will be a special pleasure.


Slow dining in Split 

It is hard to imagine a 5-star hotel in Split without good food. It is equally difficult to imagine the Mediterranean without good food. Food is an integral part of the Mediterranean way of life, a place of tradition, gatherings of family and friends, and the magic of flavors and colors. It is no less important that the Mediterranean diet is extremely good for health. Isn't accommodation at the hotel Ambasador an ideal opportunity to add to your experience of Split a unique taste that blends modern gastronomy and the charms of the Mediterranean? Each plate of the Méditerranée restaurant is just a new fairy tale about the meeting of modern and traditional in a way that your taste buds will remember.

It's a true slow dining experience that will round off the experience of Split and Dalmatia and additionally play it up with a glass of carefully selected wine.

Now imagine enjoying a salad, a healthy snack, and a cocktail, but on the top floor of the hotel, with a perfect view of the city of Split and by the pool.

Sound too good to be true? This is exactly what you can enjoy, and only as a hotel guest, in the Pool Bar, which is the only place of its kind in the city center and certainly the most special hotel pool in Split.

The daily morning coffee or aperitif before lunch or a light afternoon cocktail on the terrace right by the sea is also special at the hotel Ambasador. Bar Split is a place to meet and socialize every day, with a promenade that is always lively, yet it's a quiet place for a coffee, a pleasant conversation or just relaxation in the sun.

And good coffee and premium cocktails are a good recipe for relaxation, right?

Hotel Ambasador is a home to good tastes, so it is not surprising that it often has the opportunity to host various culinary events. The chefs of restaurants with 3 Michelin stars have also cooked in the kitchen of the restaurant of Hotel Ambasador.

It is not surprising that everyone can find something for themselves on the menu. The menu is composed of a very careful and professional selection, making sure to satisfy some of the guests looking for a vegan restaurant in Split, as well as those who have dietary restrictions such as gluten or lactose intolerance. They don't need to worry about being deprived.


What to do in Split? 

Split is the capital of the Dalmatia region and a place of many events that offer a lot daily for everyone. In addition to the fact that Split itself is a kind of museum city with a rich past and an immense cultural heritage, its surroundings abound with opportunities for exciting experiences and tours of beautiful cities and islands.

As a guest of the hotel Ambasador, the hotel concierge "Diplomat" will be happy to discover the most interesting destinations and activities that perfectly suit your interests and time.

City tours and main attractions

The luxurious Hotel Ambasador is located in the very center of Split, and that starting point is ideal for getting to know the city. The first walk from the hotel will lead you to the promenade by the sea, called Riva, where a large part of the city's social life takes place, and from where you are only a few steps away from the palace of Emperor Diocletian and the entire treasury of rich culture and heritage that its walls enclose.

You can explore the city and its sights on your own, and you can also choose one of the daily organized city sightseeing tours. If you are not a fan of large groups of people, a good option is a city tour with a local guide who will guide you in all the details of the life of the palace, the development of Split and its most important monuments and people.

Fans of the series Games of Thrones will surely be interested in the places in Split where this popular series was filmed.

In addition to the city center itself, it is recommended to see Marjan hill, the green lungs of the city, an ideal place for walking and recreation. For football fans, it will be interesting to get to know the beloved local football club Hajduk, visit the stadium, and maybe even go to a match. There are also famous Split beaches such as Bačvica, a theater, and numerous museums and galleries.


Day trips from Split 

Given its location, Split is an ideal starting point for discovering the many beauties of Dalmatia.

A very short drive separates you from Split to the Krka National Park or the city of Trogir, the unique Klis tower, and the charming pirate destination of Omiš, and many guests also opt for day trips to Dubrovnik or the Plitvice Lakes.

Beautiful islands such as Vis, Hvar, and Brač are within easy reach from Split, and lovers of adventure and adrenaline will find themselves in rafting, canyoning, zip line, or quad driving.

Most trips to these destinations exist as organized day trips, but Diplomats are here to help you choose and create tailor-made tours with advice and recommendations so that you can make the most of your time and enjoy the day on the trip.

Tailor-made day trips are the best choice if you want privacy or if you are going on a trip with family, colleagues, and a group of friends.

There is, of course, the possibility to explore Dalmatia in your car or rent a vehicle.

In any case, recommendations and advice will come in handy for choosing a destination and route, and Diplomats will surely know and discover some hidden gems.


Working, events and meetings in Split

Hotel Ambasador, a 5-star hotel in Split, has as its mission to respond to the needs of guests, and more and more travelers today combine work and enjoyment in new destinations, so during their stay, they need a space that is adapted for work. Every room and suite in the hotel Ambasador is fully adapted to this, and there are also special spaces where you can work in a peaceful and pleasant environment. A long-term stay in Split and a pleasant place to work are a winning combination.

Also, the hotel Ambasador is an ideal place for various events and meetings. The multipurpose room located within the hotel can be adapted on request for various purposes such as family get-togethers, fashion shows, celebrations, and business dinners.

A pleasant space with lots of natural light makes it a pleasant place for both celebration and work.

Accommodation in a 5-star hotel and luxury in the Ambasador hotel make a perfect combination where you can easily feel belonging and a natural connection. From a wonderful location and a view that will forever remain engraved in the memory as a unique event, through the perfect retreat in Split and gastronomic delights to the exceptional cultural and historical heritage and natural beauty of Split and the entire surrounding area, all of this has only one common denominator and a place where everything meets.

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